Broken by Dawn Kimberly Johnson

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-088-8

Reviewed by Cassie




Two years ago, Eli Burke lost his lover Bennett during a horrific attack that left him scarred and Bennett dead.  Now he walks with a cane and closes himself off as much as he can.  When his friend and housemate invites an American, Alec, to move into the attic of their house, he’s not at all happy to be attracted to the man.  Fortunately, he has a plan to move to Africa and work there, which will get him away from bad memories and new possibilities.

Alec Sumner moves to England to make a fresh start after another failed relationship.  Upon meeting Eli on the street, he’s intrigued, but expects never to see him again.  Then he ends up moving into the house Eli shares with several friends.  He hopes to get closer to Eli, but a secret he’s keeping, and Eli’s pain, stand in his way…

Broken is the emotional story of two men who are both running, each in their own way.  Eli’s still immersed in grief over his lost lover.  He’s only going through the motions of life, and all he can think of to do is go to Africa to get away.  Meeting Alec, and being attracted to him, comes as an unwelcome surprise, one that Eli fights.  Alec moves to a new city after each painful breakup he has, this time halfway across the world.  He hides something important from Eli in an effort to help him, and because he doesn’t want to drive him away.  Of course, secrets have a way of coming out, and when this one does it causes a lot of pain.  I liked both Eli and Alec, and wanted them to be happy together.  The secondary characters were all interesting and well-drawn.  The storyline is full of conflict, emotion, and redemption.  Broken is a lovely story of grief and healing.  I think others will enjoy it as much as I did.


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