Bound Together by Jane Davitt


Audio Book

Contemporary Male/Male

ISBN: 978-0-85715-088-2

Reviewed by Jo



Simon Weatherly collects children's books as a hobby but professionally he's a conservator at the British Museum.  While every now and then Simon will put an ad in one of the scholarly journals for the editions he is looking for, he is highly surprised when he gets a knock on the door one night.  On the other side of the door is a handsome, edgy guy with a book for sale.

Chris Ross is a handyman who is learning to be a carpenter.  After he is cheated out of payment for his last job, that just happened to be for his now ex-lover, Chris believes he knows the way to exact revenge and get his money.  Now if he can just get Simon to buy the book.

Just one look tells Simon where the book came from.  A few more questions to Chris also tells Simon they have the book's owner in common as a self-centered and extremely selfish ex-lover.  Simon decides to buy the book from Chris.  After a very unsatisfactory call to said owner, the book is returned and Simon believes it is done with.  That is until Chris shows up on this doorstep one night with attitude to spare.  One hot and erotic discussion later, Simon and Chris decide upon a way to break even - a weekend together.  But when it arrives what are the chances that it will end as promising as it begins?

Bound Together brings two strong willed men together in a relationship that leads to discoveries for both of them.  Simon is a quiet man who does his job and collects his books without making any huge waves.  Chris has no problems getting in your face if he thinks he needs to, but he is very serious about his carpentry work.  Listening while these two tried to figure out a way to be together and yet still be themselves was an interesting journey.  I enjoyed listening to their journey of discovery that became very emotional at times.

I will admit that Bound Together was the first audio book I have ever reviewed.   While doing so I discovered just how much the author's detail along with the narrator's voice meant to the details of the book.  In this case, the narrator's voice was perfect for Chris and Simon while Jane Davitt created a book that engages the reader's attention.  Bound Together will take you wonderfully along the highs and lows that happen during the first stage of a relationship.


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