Board Resolution by Joey W. Hill

Ellora's Cave

Erotic BDSM/Contemporary/Ménage

ISBN: 97814199925771

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Savannah Tennyson was raised by her father to show no emotion and give no quarter in business.  Her façade is unshakeable and unemotional.  The only person who can get through to Savannah Cyborg, as she is called behind her back, is Matt Kensington.  He makes her furious more often that not, but Savannah has to admit that Matt has never lied to her and she trusts that he never will.  Invited to a late night meeting to discuss a business opportunity, Savannah has no idea that the opportunity is her body and the business is what happens when Matt and his four trusted advisors make her body sing.  With touches of fire Savannah is brought to the brink of ecstasy and then some, but what happens when her ropes are untied? 

Matt loved Savannah and because of this love, he knows he has to do something drastic to get her attention.  I like his personality very much – dominate without being overbearing and just enough tenderness that Savannah knows without a doubt that he wants her.  Savannah was tough to get to a handle on.  Her upbringing alone is enough to make even the nicest woman hesitant and while Savannah uses sarcasm often with Matt, it isn’t enough for Matt not to know what she is covering up – her emotions.

Board Resolution by Joey W. Hill is a BDSM novel that will push your buttons, but make you think.  Add in an uber sexy hero and his band of four fiery hot brothers and the results are wicked.  Originally released in the Ellora’s Cave anthology, Behind the Mask, I am glad that Matt and Savannah now have their own cover.  And he definitely covers her.


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