Black Velvet by Antonia Tiranth and Delilah K. Stephans

Tales of the Rikashi: Book 3

Lyrical Press

Fantasy/Dragon Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-61650-091-7

Reviewed by Tanya




Jett has known his destiny since he was a young child.  He is to be “always in battle, always alone” so while he knows he is supposed to be part of a larger group he keeps refusing as he knows what is to happen to him.  This is also why he fights his attraction to Amara.

While Jett knows his destiny, when Amara’s safety comes into question he knows that even if he can’t have her, he won’t let her be in danger.  But has Jett missed something in the prophecy?

I have to say Jett’s book was the one I have been waiting for since he was introduced.  While I thought Jett’s character was wonderful, I was a bit disappointed by Amara’s, though I did like her better towards the end.  For some reason Black Velvet didn’t grab a hold of me and keep me tied to the book the same way the first two Tales of the Rikashi did.  The only thing I can pin it on is that I didn’t personally like Amara very much and it seemed to be more of a stepping stone story, than a stand alone.  All that being said, I do feel it is an integral part of the entire Rikashi series and I do hope it doesn’t stop with Black Velvet.  Overall the three stories in this series are not to be missed.


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