Better than Money by Taylor Lochland

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-377-3

Reviewed by Cassie




Jack is an escort who lived with his best friend and fellow escort Felix, up until Felix fell in love with one of Jackís clients and moved out.  Watching Felix find love left Jack a little lonely, but heís not terribly unhappy with his life.  Then he goes to a holiday party thrown by Felixís lover, Julian.  At the party, he meets limo driver Charlie and is instantly attracted.  Charlie seems to share Jackís feelings, but will that change when Charlie finds out about Jackís job?

Better than Money is the sequel to a story in the anthology Sindustry II.  Like the first story, itís a sweet read, but Better than Money lacked the emotional impact I was hoping for.  Jack is okay with his profession, and his life, although heís lonely.  Heís not actively looking for somebody when he meets Charlie, but is happy to meet someone he likes so much.  Itís all from Jackís point of view, so I didnít get to learn much about Charlie, except that heís a nice guy who is a lot less bothered by Jackís revelation than I would have expected.  Even when Jack brings his job up at what I thought was a very inappropriate time, Charlieís basically cool with it.  When picking up a book about a prostitute who falls in love, I expected a bit more drama and angst.  Of course, thatís my own bias, and others might prefer the less dramatic route Taylor Lochland takes.  At any rate, Better than Money is a nice story and will appeal to those who have read Felix and Julianís story in Sindustry II.


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