Beguiled by Maureen Child

Queen of the Otherworld Series

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451227720

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Maggie Donovan is officially Queen of Otherworld; a world inhabited by all types of fae.

Problem is, she’s not quite ready to give up her life in her old world just yet.  She enjoys living the life she was accustomed to before Culhane the warrior came into her life, spouting things about destiny and Maggie’s future role as queen.

Sexy, strong Culhane is ready for Maggie to take her place on the throne and finally rule her people.  But Maggie’s not ready – for ruling, or for his bed.

Things change when the former queen, Mab, comes back, gunning for Maggie.  Mab is pulling out all her secret weapons and Maggie is going to have put her queen hat on or all is lost.

This sequel to Bedeviled follows the same whimsical lines as the first book.  The writing is just as light, while still making sure the plot moves along.  Mab’s return makes for a great reason for why Maggie has to take control and when she does, it’s great.  All the pieces work well together and Beguiled is an excellent addition to the Otherworld series.


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