Back in Your Arms by Laura Guevara

Beautiful Trouble Publishing


ISBN: 978-0-557-08972-7

Reviewed by Tanya




Back in Your Arms starts out with a bang, literally, when James, a member of a specialized US Marines Recon Team, is held captive by Russian mobsters in an undercover operation that went very wrong.  The only thing that keeps him going during days of torture is that he is going back to Carolina.

The main issue with this plan, other than being rescued which he knows his team will do, is that he left without a word to her more than a year ago.  He knows that he will do anything it takes to make her see things his way, and to forgive him.

When it is determined that Carolina’s life might be in danger due to her association with James things head quickly to another level.  Now she and her sister are helping him (and his best friend) to figure out who is out to get him and where the leak came from.  But when James is called to duty again will he be able to keep Carolina from bolting, and can he keep his past from becoming her present?

I found Back in Your Arms to be an action filled story with a number of loveable characters.  I have to say that James was not my favorite character, but in fact his best friend and Carolina’s sister who were actually the secondary characters I felt stole the story.  In the end if your characters steal your story from your characters you still come out a winner, right?  That being said I hope that Ms. Guevara continues with her storyline of the US Marine Recon Team by telling the stories of James’s team members.  I found myself laughing at times and additionally there are some super steamy scenes in Back in Your Arms.


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