Baby, Itís Cold Outside by Nicole Kimberling

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1≠60737-491-6

Reviewed by Nannette




Peter Fontaine has come to spend a few days in the icy, cold mountains with his artist boyfriend, Nick Olsen for the Freezing Man competition where competitors build ice and snow sculptures and sleep in snow-made homes. The only thing colder than the temperature is the stiff, frozen body Peter discovers buried in the snow. Peter planned to break the news to Nick while they were there that he might be taking a job in Austin, Texas. Now, as Peter tries to convince Nick to go with him, he is investigating the crime, much to Nickís dismay.

Peter and Nick find themselves in another precarious situation in Baby, Itís Cold Outside.  Theyíre out in the cold, with few places to hide, building snowmen and ice sculpture homes with a few familiar faces and some strangers too, when someone is killed. Peter has another caper to solve in Baby, Itís Cold Outside. Actually, two mysteries. Who killed their fellow camper and which direction Peterís future is going? Should he turn the job down, or will Nick choose to go with him? There is another much more depressing, but possible third choice as well: he and Nick break up. With a little angst and lot of suspense, Baby, Itís cold Outside is the perfect sequel to Primal Red. I love reading about Nick and Peterís adventures in life and love, and look forward to more!


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