As Above, So Below by Mychael Black

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-837-1

Reviewed by Lisa




Kris Sierra and Keith Moreau have been the best of friends since childhood.  They have stuck together even when Kris announced that he was gay. Keith’s brother Ashley was always considered part of the gang too even though he is several years younger.

 For years now Kris has quietly lusted after Ashley believing that he’s straight.  So, it comes as a shock one night when Ashley makes a move on Kris.  Turns out that Ashley is firmly in the closet, afraid of what would happen if his parents and their small community knew. Ashley isn’t sure that he could handle the fallout, but things are getting more difficult to conceal once love enters the equation.  How long can Ashley hide his feelings for Kris is anyone’s guess?

As Above, So Below starts out fast and furious with lust and sin scenting the air.  From there, As Above, So Below evolves into a character driven, emotional tale of hidden love and redemption.  Carnal and sensual in nature, yet As Above, So Below is a sweet romance through and through.


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