Apocalypse by A.J Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

Blood Eclipse, Book 4

eXtasy Books

Futuristic M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-468-2

Reviewed by Lisa




Leaving the remains of the war behind, vampire Carden, his human lover Rory, and vampire Thiago and his human lover Dennis reach Las Vegas.  They are hoping for a chance to rest and an end to danger.  Unfortunately, they find themselves in mortal danger once more.  Las Vegas is virtually a ghost town; the people they do come across are usually dead.  Rory begs Carden to turn him but Carden has his own reasons for refusing.  Thiago is worried about Dennis as he seems to be getting weaker and weaker as they search for a way out of Vegas.

But, safe passage is the last thing that the vampire Declen plans for them.  He will not rest until Carden is no more.  If he canít control Carden, well then, Carden must die.

The world around them is once again turning to madness. Carden is the key, his lover is his weakness and his friends a distraction.  Of course they are also his greatest strength.  Only one can triumph and Carden will eventually learn that Declen isnít his worst enemy after all.  This is one fight they cannot afford to lose, no matter the personal cost to them all.

Drama, passionate loving, and soul deep angst are the key elements in Apocalypse, the fourth story in the Blood Eclipse series.  The main characters face murder, mysteries, painful loss, and everything comes through on the pages for readers to savor in Apocalypse.  I think that this can be understood as a stand alone tale, except the back story is barely explained and readers miss out on the start of the couplesí romance.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this fast paced emotional roller coaster, yet you will be hard pressed to stop before the last page.  Apocalypse is pure entertainment and Iím looking forward to hearing from them once again!


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