Angelaís Abduction by Jojo Brown

eXtasy Books

Erotic Thriller

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Alone during a lunar eclipse, rich girl Angela is abducted from her bedroom.  A series of break-ins in her neighborhood doesnít keep her indifferent father from leaving her alone.  And on her birthday.  Naked and scared, she canít deny shake off her arousal despite the fear.  What will happen to her while she is at the mercy of two strange men?

Angelaís Abduction is a steamy fantasy that will singe your retinas.   Itís a scorching hot read by an author with a talent for visuals and detail.  The action takes off like a jet down the runaway and lifts you into the storyline while keeping you suspended.  Thereís just a little bit of everything you need to make this a good short story. The narrative takes you through paces with Angela and her abductors the entire way, and you canít make up your mind about whether or not you should be terrified, excited or both.  What makes it believable is itís a scientific fact that fear is sometimes a sexual rush.  Ah, the complexities of the human body.  So Angelaís reaction to being abducted without a stitch of clothing by a stranger isnít totally make-believe. Besides, sex seems to be her extracurricular hobby, and thatís part of the titillation.  The pacing of the story takes you to the edge over and over again, and brings you back.  Little pieces to the puzzle started to fit into place before I reached the ending.  By then, it didnít matter because the journey was the best part!


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