Ain't Too Proud to Beg by Susan Donovan

St. Martinís Publishing


ISBN:  978-0312366049

Reviewed by Jo




Josie Sheehan works for a newspaper writing obituaries.  She is now 35 and realizes that if anyone had to write her obituary it would be very sad indeed.  Besides many failed relationships, the only thing Josie has right now is her Labradoodle Genghis.  Along with three friends, Josie agrees that men are off the list of things to do for now and that itís better to just walk their dogs.  That is until she meets her dream man at a new dog-grooming store.

Rick Rousseau canít believe he is anyoneís dream man Ė more like their nightmare man.  But when a woman bursts onto his life and then asks him out for coffee, Rick is helpless to refuse her.  Unexpected circumstances make that an unfulfilled promise.  Rick has secrets in his background that could harm anyone close to him.  However, once he gets to know Josie, Rick isnít going to let that stop him from learning everything there is to know about this unusual woman and why she pulls him so much.

Josie believes Rick is a dog groomer only to discover he is the CEO instead.  Something about Rick pulls Josie to act unlike herself unafraid Ė after all, Genghis loves Rick and he is a great judge of character.  As their relationship deepens, Rick tells all of his secrets to Josie Ė the entire time worried that a budding relationship is about to go down in flames.  Josie surprises Rick once again by accepting all he is.  Lurking and coming closer by the hour is a danger that could not only crush their love but it could be deadly to one of both of them.  Trust and love is what will keep Josie and Rick together or it might crumble in their hands.

Manís best friend and a wish to the universe brought them together, but only love can keep them that way.  Ainít Too Proud to Beg is an unlikely love story between a man who had given up on the chance to love and a woman who constantly chose the wrong men.  Josie is part of a pact between her dog walking friends to give up on men.  Rickís past actions have made him turn his back on attempting to love.  I laughed as Josie got up the nerve to ask for her dream man only for him to appear and laughed again as I watched Josie and Rick collide for the first of many times.  The loving humor that was the backdrop to Rick and Josie was perfect when matched against the past that was trying to pull them apart.  But when a wish and fate bring you together, anyone would be foolish to ignore it.  Ainít Too Proud to Beg is a sweet and funny love story that proves everyone deserves a second chance at love.


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