A Feral Christmas by Stephani Hecht

The Lost Shifter Series, Book 2

eXtasy Books

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-444-6

Reviewed by Lisa




The feline shifters live in an abandoned, converted factory in Detroit, rebuilding their lives while locating lost family after another shifter group, the Ravens, nearly wiped them all out two decades ago.

Brent, one of the jaguar shifters, is ordered by his Alpha and brother to find and return to the compound with a bird shifter, a Hawk named Daniel.  They have intel that Daniel knows where the lost feline children were taken after the long ago massacre.

Daniel has managed to scrape out a solitary existence for himself.  He lives with the guilt of helping the Ravens in the massacre.  But when the Ravens found out that he refused to murder the children, they came after his own in retaliation.  Now, what Hawks are left have turned their back on him as well.

From the moment Brent and Daniel meet their lives are a battle.  They fight to deny the bond growing between them, along with the arousal they feel. On top of it all, the Ravens are after them to stop Daniel from giving out information on the childrenís whereabouts.  Itís a struggle to stay alive and a bigger struggle to admit how much they mean to each other, especially in front of others.  After all, who ever heard of a cat and a bird building a nest together?

The Lost Shifter series, headlined here in A Feral Christmas, has heart pounding, non-stop action, sexy moves and manages to convey the angst of lost family in one neat package.  Main characters Brent and Daniel are both tough guys on the surface with lost, broken souls inside.  Itís not necessary to read the first book to understand A Feral Christmas, but itís worth it to get a better feel for all the characters.  A Feral Christmas is a wickedly sensual page turner with strong emotional moments that tug at your heart strings.  Altogether a very satisfying read!


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