A Devil's Bargain by Emma Wildes


Erotic Historical

ISBN: 1-60601-366-1

Reviewed by Klarissa




Devon Austin, who once was an English Lord, has vengeance in his soul.  After an unfortunate circumstance where he was accused of murder, he had to flee his home and all that he knew.  Bitter, angry and lonely, his revenge arrives on the little island he's made home in the form of a beautiful English Lady, who turns out to be the daughter of the Lord who placed him at the crime scene so many years ago.  He plans to purchase her, ruin her, and then ship her home after he's had his fill of her.  Except things don't always work out as planned, though.

Lady Isabelle has found herself captured by pirates and up for sale when her ship sailing to America was attacked.  Now after being sold to a dashing man, Isabelle finds herself falling harder and harder in love with him. Unfortunately, she knows he only bought her for his own purpose.  Through their adventure together, Devon and Isabelle both discover many aspects about themselves and both come to realize how important they are to each other.

Emma Wildes is such a creative story teller!  A Devil's Bargain is a treat to read.  I love historicals and this one has such a sharp edge I couldn't help but be enthralled.  The setting and the characters are vivid and come to life.  I could almost feel the heat of the sun on the beach and the cool breeze across my skin.  I will have to read A Devil's Bargain again for sure.


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