Wolf Rain by Flesa Black

Samhain Publishing

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60504-347-0

Reviewed by Jo



Diana Allen has been in England for a while now, basically hiding in plain sight.  After all, when someone is hunting for you they never look under their nose.  Besides, most everyone looking for her is not looking for the right thing anyway.  Diana has finally finished the work her father left her and has the cure he knew could be found.  However, she has no idea who she can trust with it.

Harm Asher is a partial shifter who is also part of a secret government task force looking for a way to defeat the mutant shifters that have been attacking everyone as the sun falls.  Humankind is in danger of becoming extinct.  It is apparent that the shifters are changing again, when Harm has to help rescue a woman before dark.  A woman who calls out to him sexually beyond anything he has felt before.

The night that Diana has to fight for her life and is helped by a guy right out of her dreams becomes an erotic one for her dreams.  Neither Diana nor Harm understands at first why they are driven together.  Once they realize that together they have the key and answer to curing the mutant shifters, time is not on their side as the night is falling.  They are going to have one chance to save humankind and not everyone wants them to succeed.

When you have a bad experiment gone wrong and it threatens humankind what do you do?  Diana knows part of the answer and Harm just may have the solution in Wolf Rain.  Diana has worked for years to discover the correct cure for the mutants and finally has it.  Harm was affected by the fallout, but he has been working with a special taskforce to end the danger.  The erotic passion that Diana and Harm faced upon meeting was fast and powerful.  I was hooked when the danger and suspense was added in.  Wolf Rain is a fast paced and erotic look at what the future could hold for us and is a fantastic paranormal story.  


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