White Fells by R. Garland Gray

Medallion Press


ISBN: 9781933836195

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Boyden is a member of the Tuatha De Denaan, and also of the in-between – part fairy born and part mortal.  When invaders come to his land and begin killing his tribe, Boyden wants revenge.  He has a formidable tool at his disposal, a killer wind, but he would rather die than use it.

Scota is a warrior princess and is part of the group that invaded Ireland.  But she doesn’t condone all of their actions.  When the captain captures Boyden and tries to use him to find fairy treasure, Scota is moved to help him.  Instead, Boyden kidnaps her.

Both are strong-willed and proud, but each will try to bend the other to their will.  As they each learn more about Boyden’s heritage, and each other, they discover that they have finally found their equal in each other.

Boyden and Scota are two very consistent characters, and as they fall in love, every step is completely true and relatable.  Ms. Gray’s prose is lyrical, which is fitting for a tale about the origins of Scotland and Ireland’s fairies.  This is a fantastical tale of fairies, sentient spirits, lust and love.  Fans of fairy tales and romantic history will love White Fells.


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