When Love Comes Back Around by Lisa Marie Davis

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Cassie



As the nephew of the town drunk, Royce Spaulding was always looked down on in his hometown.  His best friend, and then lover, Caden Foster was the only one who thought he had potential.  Unfortunately, when Caden’s influential father discovered the truth, he forced his son to make a choice—and Caden didn’t choose Royce.  Now Royce is back in town for his uncle’s funeral.  All he wants to do is get his uncle buried and leave.

For years, Caden has missed Royce and bitterly regretted his choices.  Although he’s about to be engaged and is running for mayor, he’s not happy.  When he hears Royce is back in town, he wonders if maybe this is his second chance.  Has love come back around for Royce and Caden, or will they repeat the mistakes of the past?

When Love Comes Back Around features a story that ought to be melodramatic and clichéd (and in a way it is), but it was so darned likeable I couldn’t help but enjoy it.  Royce makes the perfect betrayed but forgiving former flame.  Caden is full of regrets but finally ready to make things right.  The villains were cruel and power-hungry, the conflict is emotional, and the storyline is like a really cool soap opera.  I liked the snippets of the past interspersed in the story.  They made the quick resolution a bit more believable.  While When Love Comes Back Around isn’t a surprising tale, it’s fun and enjoyable.


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