What Matters Most by Lisa Marie Davis

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary / Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Silas Spencer has been able to speak to “displaced souls” since he was a child.  Needless to say, most men don’t believe in his ability, and every lover he’s told has thought he was lying or crazy.  He has one wonderful night with Josh Dalton, but Josh tells him they can never be together.  When they end up coworkers, Silas is determined to avoid Josh.  Then the spirit of Josh’s mother shows up, asking Silas for help.  Will Silas’s intervention lead to love or a broken heart?

What Matters Most had a lot of things going for it.  Silas’s ability was interesting, and I liked his commitment to helping others.  Josh’s horrific past made him a very sympathetic character as well.  The emotion between them was sweet.  The problem I had with What Matters Most was how fast everything happened.  Silas and Josh had an almost love-at-first-sight type of connection, which felt unrealistic to me.  That, combined with some stilted dialogue and quite a few annoying editing errors, made What Matters Most less enjoyable than I’d hoped.  I liked the story, but I felt like it could have been even better.  Even so, Lisa Marie Davis has caught my attention, and I’ll be checking out some of her future works.   


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