Veil of Midnight by Lara Adrian

The Midnight Breed, Book 5



ISBN: 978-0-440-24449-3

Reviewed by Jo



Nikolai is a breed warrior, part of the Order, who has been sent to Montreal in search of a Gen One, Sergei Yakut.  Someone is murdering Gen Oneís and finding Sergei is a two-fold mission.  One to warn him of what is happening and the other to see if he can be of any help.  Niko finds out pretty quickly the Sergei only looks out for number one. 

Renata now works for Sergei after being given an offer she really could not refuse.  She is sickened by what she has to do and what Sergei does for sport.  Renata would probably try to escape but there is one other person she has promised to protect and Sergei will never let her leave.  Now Niko is here and Renata isnít sure how to handle the instant attraction between them.

Circumstances make it so that Renata and Niko have to face their passion and danger at the same time.  Niko never figured to find a breedmate but he knows that Renata is the one for him.  Niko and Renata discover they will have one shot at capturing the madman hunting the Gen Ones, rescuing innocents and most importantly staying alive to explore the love that has blossomed between them.  Will everything goes as planned or will Murphyís Law strike?

Two warriors discover passion and danger in Veil of Midnight.  Renata grew up on the streets and learned to become a warrior plus she has a secret weapon when all else fails.  Niko loves his job and is an adrenaline junkie besides being a kick ass warrior.  Renata and Niko begin with different goals as they work at taking down the person behind the Gen One murders.  I loved how both of these warriors had soft centers when it came to love and protection.  I do admit that there were times that I thought Renata needed to remember that sometimes compromise gets you farther, but in the end I think she realized that accepting help isnít a bad thing. Watching Niko try to balance his mission and Renataís love and determination just gave me more insight into those special Breeds who are the Order.  I would be remiss if I didnít say the my heart hurt when one of the good guys was given a blow that would have destroyed most men Ė I hope that Ms. Adrian has him on her list of men getting his happy ever after.

Veil of Midnight is erotic, dangerous and addictive as Renata and Niko come together.  I also believe that Veil of Midnight is the best book yet in this series and a must read for paranormal fans.


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