Unladylike Behavior by Ann Cory

Forbidden Publications

Historical, Gay/Lesbian

Reviewed by Vicki



Scarlett Devane, a princess by birth has fallen in love with her chambermaid, she looks forward to finding her love in the garden nightly.  When her father finds out about her desires for women he quickly locks her up in the tower until he can find her a more suitable suitor. 

Alicia wants nothing more than to be with Scarlett, but she is punished by a brutal jailer after being discovered with Scarlett.  Will her wounds heal or will Scarlett escape from her prison too late to help her lover.

Unladylike Behavior was a decent story with a fairly good plot.  I thought the King was over the top, but I think he was written that way on purpose.  I also thought Scarlett and Alicia did not use common sense meeting out in the garden for their trysts. The only part of the story I truly did not like was something about Scarlett’s mother’s true love.  All together Unladylike Behavior felt like more of a fantasy then a historical romance and as such it was better then if it was a historical.


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