Trouble in High Heels by Leanne Banks



ISBN:  978-0446611749

Reviewed by Jo



Lori Granger has never met a charity that she didn’t love and know it had to be donated to.  Good thing she is an heiress with more money then she can ever spend.  Well she will have once she has all her trust funds, but so far Lori has not been able to get around those pesky rules and regulations. 

Jackson James has just been made the youngest and newest partner in his accounting firm.  It includes the pay raise and the corner office, the only requirement is to keep one client within the terms of her trust – and she is a spendthrift who has gone through almost all the money allowed to her for the next few years. 

Lori and Jackson don’t have the best first meeting, after all she is expecting her old accountant and he is determined to put her on a budget – a strict one with no donations allowed.  Lori’s reason for being is to give money to causes and she has found a loophole in the trust rules.  Now Jackson has to help find Lori a husband with conditions.  After all how hard can it be to find someone for a ditzy heiress?

What happens when you tell an heiress that the next few years her byword is “budget”?  Trouble in High Heels had me laughing as I read about Lori and Jackson coming to terms.  Lori can’t believe that her father not only kept things from her but also is still trying to control her after his death.  Jackson has plans for his future and one out of control heiress is not going to make him lose his job and take those plans off track.  Both Lori and Jackson believe they know what the other is about, but funny things happen as they discover just how wrong they are.  I was shaking my head several times as beliefs were proven to be totally wrong.  When Lori and Jackson finally faced the fact that they deeply loved each other, I was worried that maybe they couldn’t find the way to their ever after.  But Ms. Banks knew just what they needed and gave not one happy ending but several.  Trouble in High Heels will keep a smile on your face while love is discovered in the most unexpected places.


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