To Protect a Princess by Gail Barrett

The Crusaders


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9780373276080

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Peru is full of secrets and Logan Burke knows many of them.  Dara Adams is a Gypsy princess and needs Loganís help to find an ancient artifact before itís too late.  Logan doesnít want to be responsible for any womanís safety, especially hers, but the paths through the mountains are dangerous, especially when a sniper hired by a secret society is bent on killing Dara. 

To protect a Princess is a rollicking; action-filled adventure with as many twists and turns as the mountainous pathways of Peru.  The attraction between Dara and Logan is instantaneous and despite the danger and the important mission, neither one can deny it.  And with every twist in the plot, Ms. Barrett puts the puzzle pieces in place.  All in all, a fun read with action as hot as the romance.


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