To All a Good Night by Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis, and Helen Kay Dimon


Sensual Contemporary Anthology

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2849-9

Reviewed by Nannette




Unleashed by Donna Kaufman

When Emma Lafferty signs on to babysit millionaire CEO, Lionel Hamiltonís pets while he is away, she expected to be alone with the animals. Needless to say, bumping into hunky Trevor Hamilton in the middle of the night is a shock. Trevor was hoping to get to his great Uncleís house before the pet sitter arrived.  Now he has to find a way to get the information he came for without Emma knowing.  When the power goes out, the sparks that fly between Emma and Trevor have nothing to do with the fire Trevor built to keep them warm. When Emma finds out what Trevor is up to though, things might get cold, fast.  

Unleashed is a faced paced, fun, and sexy story. In less than 24 hours, Emmaís and Trevorís lives are changed. It might be a little unrealistic, making the story more fantasy than reality, but itís not a bad thing. Unleashed is a real love at first sight romance with a happy ending. It is an unfinished ending though. Iím looking forward to seeing where this story goes.


 Finding Mr. Right by Jill Shalvis

Maggie Bell thinks of herself as having more brains than body- something Jacob Wahler wholeheartedly disagrees with.  Maggie and Jacob went to school together, but havenít seen each other in years. Maggie is now a chemist and Jacob is doing the earthquake retrofitting in her office building. Jacob is everything Maggie doesnít think she can get. Jacob is all for some fun between the sheets with Maggie but soon heís looking for more. Someone else is looking for something from Maggie too though. Maggie isnít worried about it, but Jacob is.

Finding Mr. Right will leave a smile on your face. Itís pretty lighthearted and seeing the girl (finally) get the guy, is also a treat. Maggieís nervous babbling is adorable, and educational. Sheís a sexpot who sounds like a geek. I love how Jacob reacts to her nervousness and how he respects and likes her for who she is. Mr. Wrong turned out to be oh so right for Maggie!


Can You Hand Me the Tape? by Helen Kay Dimon

Natalie Pritchard needs Defense Attorney Spencer Donovanís help. Although they arenít friends- they often face each other in court, and Natalie was dating Spencerísí partner Charlie- Natalie feels Spencer is the only one that can help her get what she needs. Natalie ends up with more than she bargained for though, and itís a very good thing. 

Outwardly, Natalie is confident and successful but her inner insecurities keep her from seeing how awesome she is. Ironically, Spencer, a guy she is often at odds with due to their careers, is the one who shows her how terrific she is. Spencer is pretty terrific himself. I love his dry sense of humor. Can You Hand Me the Tape is my first taste of Helen Kay Dimon. Iíll be going back for more!


To All a Good Night has three stories of sensual delight. Strangers meeting on a cold dark night, old acquaintances who become more than friends, and adversaries who become lovers- To All a Good Night has something for every romantic heart. 


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