The Wolf Queen by Sierra Dafoe

Call of the Wild, Book 2

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-080-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Sarah Hartwell has turned her back on civilization to live with Larak and Kam in their den by Wolf Creek in northern Manitoba.  The men are called Shumani, able to shift from man to wolf and back in the blink of an eye.  They have made Sarah their umma or Queen.  She is now their leader, heading the pack instead of the violent and terrifying Hunt who they were forced to kill.

His father is dead but Kar doesnít feel that he fits in the newly formed pack even though he is nothing like his sire.  Kar brings turmoil to the pack yet no matter how hard he tries he cannot abandon them and Sarahís feelings are just as unsettled when it comes to Kar.  Sarah isnít sure what to do and Kar isnít helping much by keeping secrets from his Queen, important secrets.

The Wolf Queen is a deeply sensual journey of awakening emotional maturity for the four main characters.  A primeval forest as backdrop for a powerful alpha female learning her way and the three men promised to her makes The Wolf Queen fascinating entertainment.  There are a few surprises but by and large, The Wolf Queen is a very hot characterization tale with the female learning to be the alpha she is meant to be.


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