The Secret Santa Project by Lyric James
12 Days of Christmas series
Cobblestone Press
Interracial Contemporary/Christmas
ISBN: 978-1-60088-199-2 
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



The Secret Santa Project is a part of Cobblestone Pressí 12 Days of Christmas series.

Ever since a very young age, Christmas had always been a dreadful holiday for Richard Mayfield because that was when he was given up for adoption. That is, until a Secret Santa on his job decided to present him with some very sinful gifts. Excitement quickly built inside of Richard as he tried to discover the identity of his Secret Santa before the end of the week "revealing" reception. The question, for Richard, was far was his Secret Santa was willing to go to fulfill his Christmas wishes?

For over a year, Reghan West had being secretly admiring her co-worker, Richard Mayfield from afar.  After drawing his name for the companyís Secret Santa, Reghan finally built up the nerve to follow her heartís desire by trying to make Richard her man, and what better way to do it than to present him with some sexy foreplay offerings such as love dice, edible panties and Kama Sutra playing cards? The question now became how Richard would respond to Reghanís invitation.

The Secret Santa Project was a delightful, quick Christmas read.  Itís just the right type of book to put everyone into the holiday spirit.  Richard had issues concerning this particular holiday because of a horrific event that occurred in his past, yet slowly but surely, Reghan was able to introduce Richard to the joyous side of the Christmas holiday. It was truly a magical and special event with the right amount of erotica flavor to make things interesting.  Readers, I am sure that you will take great pleasure in reading Lyric Jamesí The Secret Santa Project, I know I did.  Enjoy!


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