The Rancherís Runaway Princess by Donna Alward



ISBN: 9780373175642

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Brody Hamilton is the owner of a ranch and is looking to make an alliance with the royal family of Marazur and their world-renowned horse stables.  Lucy Farnsworth is representing the royal family as she heads to Hamiltonís ranch to broker a deal. What she isnít telling them is she is the princess, something she only found out a few months ago.

Brody has been hurt before by a woman who lied to him and he has no patience or trust for anyone hiding secrets.  He knows Lucy isnít telling him something, but even so, he canít help but be intrigued by her.  Lucy is emotionally fragile and the comfort she finds at the ranch, and in Brody, is something she has been missing.  But they come from different worlds and love may not be enough to bridge the gap.

The Rancherís Runaway Princess has all the elements of what many women dream of Ė love, dark, handsome men, royalty.  Brody is that wounded kind of man most women want to wrap their arms around and make everything better.  Lucy is very fragile, but when sheís not crying, sheís a fun, competent woman.  With a fairy tale ending, this is a classic romantic adventure.


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