The Oldest Elf by Viola Grace

eXtasy Books

Fantasy, Holiday

ISBN: 978-1-55487-211-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



After yet another lousy holiday party, Anora Snow is driving home in a blizzard when her vehicle is magically transported into another dimension and hit by a team of reindeer.  The driver, Sahn-Tah Kelas, saves the injured woman by taking her home to his Workshop.  When Anora finally awakens, she learns that the tall, hunk of elven goodness is Santa Claus, which convinces her that the bump on her head is making her hallucinate.  All her preconceived notions about the North Pole and elves are shot down. Not only is she madly attracted to Sahn, he canít seem to resist her either. 

Viola Grace has her delightfully impish way with the legend of old St. Nick, except in The Oldest Elf heís a towering sex machine from the faery realm.  Throw out all of your visions of the round and grandfatherly Santa Claus image, it doesnít belong here.  Anoraís and Sahnís hotter-than-a-chimney antics should have melted all the ice!  If thatís not naughty enough for you, just imagine the Workshop overflowing with beautiful elf men deprived of feminine company, all too eager and happy to show their appreciation.  Although Anora was content to unwrap Sahn-Tah, it still didnít keep her from salivating.

There are tons of surprises (including guest appearances) along with fun and fresh explanations for how Sahn and his workers got stuck in a job with no pay and no benefits for centuries.   If you think the phonetic spelling of Santaís name is inventive, wait until you find out the reindeer secrets.  Last, but not least, I got to see first hand how Santa Claus makes his rounds. 

I know the holidays are over but itís never too late to indulge in the spirit that lingers and keeps on giving.   The Oldest Elf has all the right touches to make it a humorous and enchanting tale of love around that most wonderful time of the year. 


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