The CEOís Christmas Proposition by Merline Lovelace

Holidays Abroad, Book 1

Silhouette Desire

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9780373769056

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Taking her business partnerís place in Germany, Devon McShay is supposed to be picking Cal Logan up from the airport and then accompanying him to his hotel and acting as his assistant.  When a handsome man comes up at the airport and lays a huge kiss on her, Devon is shocked to find out that she 1) is enjoying the kiss and, 2) she is wishing that the kiss hadnít ended!  Devon and Calís instant attraction sends sparks throughout the hotel.  When the hotel and all of Salzburg lose power due to an ice storm, Devon and Cal are pretty much stuck with each other Ė sharing a room and bed for warmth Ė is a given.  Itís what they do in that forbidden hideaway that matters.  Is this only a Christmas fling? Neither hopes so although they keep those thoughts to themselves.

I would love to say that The CEOís Christmas Proposition was a book I couldnít put down but I canít.  The imagery and festivity of the holiday season was invoking and a cute plot device.  But, no matter how much I liked the scenery or the town in which the book takes place, the book just didnít arouse anything special in me. The characters were likeable.  Cal was sexy as all get out but he wasnít anything extraordinary and neither was Devon. 

The CEOís Christmas Proposition is an enjoyable holiday read.  While I did not feel anything special, that does not mean another reader wonít love this book. It just didnít click with me.


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