Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle



ISBN: 978-1416593133

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Lady Phaedra Northampton is a witness to a stunning murder and Tristan Talbot, Lord Avoncliff, sets out to find out why there seems to be a connection between her and the dead man.  Phae deliberately cultivates her plain, bluestocking exterior, but underneath, she feels a dark passion that she canít control.  Tristan is known for his prowess in the bedroom, but something about Phae brings out his protective side, not just his inner scoundrel.  As they explore the mystery of the dead man, a deeply depraved whorehouse and each other, both realize that appearances can be deceiving.

I really enjoyed Tempted All Night.  Tristan Talbot is one of the most complicated and well-drawn characters I have read in a long time.  Lady Phae is afraid of her sensuality and watching her learn how to express it is erotically charged.   Even the secondary characters leave you wanting more Ė I want to know more about the stories Tempted All Night alludes to.  Overall, Tempted All Night was a dark, sprawling story with highly-charged eroticism and a story that is unforgettable.


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