Tea for Two by Shelley Munro



ISBN 1-60504-212-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Hayley thought she was past the phase of screwing up her life.  She had a stable job, was making and saving money through fetes and fairs, by reading tea leaves under a pseudonym.  Now suddenly she seems to have another pseudonym and is using it on the one man who cannot abide by lying.  Sexy and successful Sam is intrigued by Harriet (or is it Helen or wait Hayley). The problem is she now doesn’t know how to go backwards and tell him the truth especially as she is in love with him.

Hayley’s character in Tea for Two is a hoot.  I laughed at how she became a tea reader for money and independence and then found that it just might be a little fun.  I have to say that I did find her sister a little bit too over the top, but she did fit well in this story.  I think Ms. Munro developed two very interesting characters that were easy to believe and relate to.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tea for Two and will not hesitate to look for other books by this author.


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