Taming the Madam by Anna J. Evans

Dark Pantheon, Book 3

Elloraís Cave

Historical BDSM Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419915277

Reviewed by Shayna



Amelia Bouchette is a land-walking Siren, the head of her coterie, and manager of the Maison des Filles.  When Jacob Foresterís new tavern, The Wicked, begins taking business away from her bordello, Amelia decides to use her Siren-born talents to convince him to leave.  What Amelia doesnít count on is Jacob being a vampire.  And when she finds herself not only chained to Jacobís wall, but enjoying it, Amelia knows she has met her match.

Jacob Forester is a Heliosian vampire, recently freed from a slavery which was worse than death.  Hardened by his past, Jacob doesnít expect to fall so quickly for the secretly submissive Amelia.  But desire has a way of changing things, and for two immortals who wanted nothing of love, the fall from lust to the more deeper emotion may happen faster than either could imagine unless an enemy from Jacobís past manages to destroy them first.

The west has never been as wild as in this delicious offering from Anna J. Evans!  Taming the Madam combines scorching heat, Greek mythology (with a twist), and elements of danger to create a gripping, thrilling read.

Jacob and Amelia are both characters whoíve suffered in the past and use the lives they have made for themselves to help others of their kind.  Itís impossible not to love characters like them, as they are so innately kind-hearted that there is nothing about them not to like.  They fit one another perfectly, in bed and out, so I eagerly read Taming the Madam to see how their relationship would develop.  As captivating as Amelia and Jacobís romance was, I was equally interested in the insight into the paranormal universe of the Dark Pantheon series the story provided.  More than its predecessors in the series, Taming the Madam discusses different species other than the ďgodkinĒ (vampires).  I loved getting to learn about the Sirens through Amelia, and enjoyed learning about both the Heliosian godkin and the more sinister Athenian godkin.

Ms. Evans is an author I can count on to deliver a sinfully good story, and Taming the Madam is no exception.  Itís sexy, itís interesting, and it had my attention from the very first page to the very last.  I finished this story impatient for the next Dark Pantheon tale and even more eager to read more of the talented Ms. Evansís work.


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