Surrender by Alvania Scarborough

Liquid Silver Books

Futuristic Erotic Romance

ISBN: 1-59578-279-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



What happens when an Alpha male tries to enslave an off-worlder Alpha female?   Think societal Armageddon, especially when the Alpha female wants revenge.

Riana is tough and sexy, traveling the universe in her state-of-the-art ship and playing the field.  Despite her success and wild adventures, she’s restless and longing for a place to call her own.  A trip into the Forbidden Zone seems to be the solution until her ship is caught in an ion storm and crashes on the planet Nexar and she’s captured by ruler Supreme Chief Darias.

Nexar is a male dominated society where women are enslaved.  When Darias attempts to force Riana into yielding to their ways, his captive turns the tables on him!   Darias has no clue what to do with a woman that refuses to be broken no matter how many punishments he throws her way.

For anyone familiar with the infamous Gor series by John Norman (and all the books influenced thereafter), Surrender is an interesting take on an alternate “What if”, as in, “What if all the women in the series were able to take their revenge on the men enslaving them?”.   

Riana does an excellent job of making Darias pay for his actions.  The best part is that they both come to understand the good and bad of both sides of the coin. I didn’t find myself questioning if this was possible, Ms. Scarborough is a strong writer.  It was a treat to watch this strong, intelligent couple learn the true meaning of equality, love and what makes or breaks a relationship.

Although there is a plot, the graphic and bold sex swirls through the story like a Tasmanian devil leaving piles of sweaty, tumbled satisfaction everywhere.  Pain and pleasure are served up evenly until neither Riana nor Darias know up from down.  It’s a clash of cultures and a duel between the sexes by using sex and D/s as the mass weapons of choice.  To quote an old 80’s tune, “Love is a battlefield!”  In the meantime, the author does more than her part by ensuring that Riana and Darias wallow in the sticky gooeyness of passion, which means you should quickly snatch up a copy of this raunchy space opera and join them.


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