Sunset Bay by Susan Mallery

Pocket Star Books


ISBN: 9781416567172

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




When Megan Greene was younger, all she wanted to be was a designer.  Able to design and sew garments worthy of runways, Meganís dreams slowly faded over time.  Now she is an accountant with a fiancť and a great relationship with her father.  Her sister and mother donít cross her mind very much; their relationship with Megan was strained years ago.  Megan was never pretty enough for her mother and while her sister never rubbed her nose in the fact that Megan was not loved as much as she, their sisterly bond was strained almost beyond help.  When Meganís safe, ie, boring, life unexpectedly falls apart, she returns to her hometown to confront the past.  And her past includes Travis, the boyfriend she was never fully able to stop caring about. 

Megan and Travis deserve their happy ever after.  Despite the fact that years separated them, they still loved each other.  Despite the face that seemingly every single person was against their love, they found the time to learn to trust again.  Turmoil, gut wrenching heart ache, blatant lies Ė all of these made each character that much stronger.  Throw in humor and sensual love scenes and I was in reader heaven. 

Susan Mallery delivers with Sunset Bay.  I laughed and got tearful. I smiled and got angry.  I loved every single word of this enigmatic and skillfully written romance!


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