Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl

Novels of the Darkyn, Book 7

Onyx: NAL


ISBN: 978-0-451-41266-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Spurned on to catch an international art thief after her partnerís recent death in Chicago, FBI Agent Chris Renshaw is setting up a major sting operation with a new partner in Atlanta.  Surely the chance of stealing the famed and priceless prize of The Maidenís Book of Hours, a medieval illuminated manuscript would tempt the infamously named Magician or as Chris calls him Magic Man.

Once he was Robin of Locksley or Robin Hood but that was over 700 years ago.  These days Robin is a semi reclusive brilliant businessman, highly successful international art thief and Kyn.  As Kyn, Robin is a leader and controls the lives of hundreds of his fellow immortals at his Atlanta jardin or stronghold.

While Chris and Robinís adventure is unfolding, Lord Michael Cyprien and his sygkenis Dr. Alexandra Keller travel to London for a meeting with the other Darkyn lords as well as the High Lord Richard.  They need to find a way to stop the brutal Bretheran who are systematically burning and destroying Darkyn jardins across Europe.  Left unchecked, High Lord Richard and the others fear that the Kyn will face certain extinction.

The Maidenís Book of Hours once belonged to Robin, reminding him of poignant and precious memories of his first love, Marian.  Robin will do just about anything to possess the manuscript again.  Meanwhile, Chris and her team are charged with protecting the book and using it as bait to nab the Magician once and for all.  Robin and Chris are unaware that several others covet the book as well and will stop at nothing including murder to possess it.  Fighting immediate attraction proves as difficult as holding onto the book for the couple.  As they chase across Europe to reclaim the manuscript they will have to decide on where their loyalties truly lie; with humans, Kyn or each other.

As a rabid fan of this series please forgive me if I seem to go overboard with praise but Stay the Night is exactly the kind of fantastic story we have come to expect from author Lynn Viehl.  The plotline is engrossing and entertaining while the characters are witty, sexy and smart.  The pace slowly builds in the beginning but as it gathers steam it takes readers on amazing twists and turns until the powerful climax with some great spins at the end.  Stay the Night is intense and totally enchanting from start to finish!



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