Spaniardís Seduction by Tessa Radley

The Saxon Brides, Book 2

Harlequin Desire # 1907


ISBN: 978-0-373-76907-0

Reviewed by Nannette



The tight familial bond between the Saxon family is threatened when Rafaelo Carreras arrives at the Saxon Folly Winery to get what he feels belongs to him. Caitlyn Ross, Saxon Follyís winemaker, is trying to keep the peace between the Saxonís and Rafaelo.  Will her attraction to Rafaelo get in the way of her objectivity though? Now that he has met the family and Caitlyn, Rafaelo is re- considering his need for revenge. But Caitlyn is hiding a secret of her own. One that may keep her from the happiness she desperately wants.

Caitlynís inexperience with men and her lack of self-confidence make her a sweet and endearing character. I love that someone as worldly, sophisticated, and handsome as Rafaelo likes her for whom she is. The circumstances surrounding Spaniardís Seduction take a bit of the magic away from the Saxon family. At the same time though, Caitlynís troubles create a tender intimacy between her and Rafaelo. Spaniardís Seduction is a romance with a good share of angst. Readers will want to continue reading The Saxon Brides series to see if there will be happily ever afters all the way around.  


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