Sleeping Bears Lie by Alex Draven

Torquere Press

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-507-3, 1-60370-507-4

Reviewed by Sabella



When Matt disappeared from Dan’s life last summer, Dan kind of lost his marbles…to the point of having an almost deadly accident while desperately searching for Matt.  But when Matt shows up again this winter, Dan is furious, but also completely unable to keep Matt away and out of his life.  But as the months pass the jokes about Matt’s mysterious summer activities start getting old, but when Matt physically collapses for suspicious reasons that he refuses to explain – everything comes to a head.  Will Matt risk Dan’s love and tell him the truth?  And just as importantly – will Dan believe him even when Matt shows him proof?

Sleeping Bears Lie is an intriguing tale that travels into the land of myths, deftly blending them with reality.  Dan is a character that everyone can empathize with – for who hasn’t been hurt by lies?  But he is also incomprehensible as he takes Matt back unconditionally after all his suffering and hurt.  Matt is more enigmatic with his super secrets and his lies, yet his devotion to Dan redeems him until the truth is revealed.  Sleeping Bears Lie is an interesting, yet quick read that capture your attention on a sleepy afternoon.


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