Siul a Ruhn by Angela Sparrow

Torquere Press

Paranormal, M/M

Reviewed by Raine



Dan and Paul receive a phone call to go visit their friends, Corin and Cian, and stand up for them as they exchange their wedding vows. While werewolves mate for life and vows are not needed, Paul would like to exchange vows with Dan. However, Dan does not see a need for it so convincing him Paul craves this may prove interesting.

Siul a Ruhn, meaning Walk, O Love, is about Paul’s desire. He would like to have the words “I do” said, as well as the time proven “werewolves mate for life” fact. While Paul knows Dan does not think vows are needed, what Paul finds is that you just need to express your desires to your significant other. While this is a sweet story about meeting your love’s needs, unfortunately it did not stir my emotions as I read it.


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