Sexual Rx by Kassie Burns

Carnal Desires Publishing

Futuristic-Sci Fi

ISBN: 978-1-55404-612-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Rachel Herrington-Whyte is relieved to be divorcing her husband, Jeremy Whyte, a serial cheater who married her for her status and money.  Heís also involved in a campaign to remove the Evolved, genetically superior humans, from earth.  Thatís the last thing Rachel wants after discovering that she has an inoperable brain tumor.  The plan is to seduce Mastror si Lor Canto, an Evolved sexual healer.  Rachel maneuvers to meet Lor, and is unprepared for the intense and powerful attraction she feels for him.  Lor feels a desire for her more powerful than anything heís ever experienced in all his years as a sexual healer.  However, he insists that Jeremy be present for the healing ceremony due to the fact that she still has emotional ties to him.

Unbeknownst to her, Lor has his own agenda and is on a mission to prove a theory about the earthlings who are descendents of Evolved that crashed there long ago.  He is one of the few that believes that that earth primitives have the potential to unlocking untapped power within the Evolved.  Could Rachel be part of the key to all the answers heís seeking?  And will Jeremy succeed in destroying Rachelís chance to be healed by having the Evolved removed from earth for good?

Kassie Burns is fantastic at creating intelligent and complex characters within an erotically charged plot.  Sex might be the force that moves everyone in Sexual Rx, but the motivations of Rachel, Lor and Jeremy are totally human in terms of lust, greed, ambition, jealousy and fear, which only add more fuel to the fires.  The longer I read this book, the more connected I felt to the cast.  Rachel, Lor and Jeremy were real; the authorís intense writing style breathes life into their words, actions and emotions in every scene.  Rachel and Lorís passion is exquisitely detailed frame by lush frame. Jeremy is so vividly portrayed I could visualize him. Heís also part of the reason that I became more attached to Rachel and Lor.  Ms. Burns shows you what he is in every sentence and gesture. His viciousness made me want to step in to save them from him! Itís brilliant when an author can use the villain in such a way.

From start to finish, Sexual Rx is a tale that combines all the elements of a compelling narrative into a charismatic fusion that whets the appetite for more.  Itís perfect for anyone thatís a newbie to this genre, and gravy for all the futuristic-sci fi veteran readers (like me), too.


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