Sex or Suffer by Lara Santiago

Dark Colony, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Erotic Sci-Fi


Reviewed by Zayn



Scientist Dr. Penelope Drake is researching the extinct Sex or Suffer (SOS) virus.  Infected humanoid females are stricken with pain in the presence of a male they would normally be attracted to.  The agony is only relieved if said male has sex with them.  Unwittingly, Penelope is infected with the virus.  Desperate to obtain the only purported cure, Penelope enlists the help of Captain Gray Wyckoff in her frantic journey across the galaxy.

Gray is the owner of transportation company, Dalton Prime Corporation.  When a mysterious passenger offers to set up a meeting with the governor in exchange for cutting his down time short he jumps at the opportunity to make some valuable business contacts.  The mystery is not one for long and Gray gets personal knowledge of exactly how the SOS virus works when he gets involved with Penelope.

The title Sex or Suffer peaked my interest instantly and once I cracked it open I was not disappointed.  There was lots of action and not one romance but two to make the story even more satisfying. There was only one thing about Sex or Suffer that I couldn't quite swallow and that was the reason behind the re-emergence of the SOS virus.  Gray was the ultimate hero—no sacrifice was too much to make for Penelope. Sci-fi romance lovers, when you pick up Sex or Suffer there will be no pain—just pleasure. 


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