Service Call by Cheryl Dragon

Loose Id

BDSM Science Fiction Mťnage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-771-9

Reviewed by Shayna



When Alex Costerís company receives a cryptic message concerning one of his androids, Alex decides to take the assignment himself.  Journeying from Earth to Ruar, Alex is floored by Ruarian society, which completely lacks sex drive.  When he meets Em DíAlyn, the owner of the android in question, Alex realizes that not all is as it seems.  Not everyone on Ruar has lost their sex drive, and those who havenít live in fear of discovery.

Em is shocked by her instant attraction to Alex.  Curious to experience sex with a real male, Em risks her very safety to engage in a passionate affair with Alex.  Heís able to bring her fantasies to life in a way no android, however technologically advanced, could.  Time is their enemy as the lovers discover they match one another perfectly, both in bed and out.  Even as Alex and Em fall in love, the Ruarian government becomes suspicious.  For a chance at love, Em might have to sacrifice her very being.

Service Call is perhaps one of the most scintillating, sensual books Iíve read in a long time.  Itís a hot-as-hell erotic thrill ride and I was completely enthralled not only the first time I read it, but every time since.

Em is a delightful, likable heroine.  Sheís sweet, intelligent, has an innocence about her that is charming, and an eagerness to learn about that which has been denied to her, which makes her endearing.  Alex is truly a delicious hero.  He has a commanding presence, but heís so loving towards Em and has such a compassionate manner about him that it is impossible not to fall for him.

As I mentioned before, Service Call is sensual to the max.  Cheryl Dragon doesnít hold back when it comes to the love scenes.  Though varied and plentiful, I never felt they were overdone, and I was happily along for the ride, wherever the book lead.  The only downside to Service Call is Emís assistant, Cin.  Perhaps Cinís nature is a commentary on how hiding oneís true nature because the governmentís restrictions can shape a personís personality.  But Cinís spoiled, selfish nature truly grated on my nerves.

Overall I found Service Call to be intriguing, erotic, and highly entertaining.  Though fairly new to Ms. Dragonís work, I look forward to reading many more of her stories in the future.


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