Secured Mail by Kate Pearce

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419917318

Reviewed by Amelia



Sven Magusson, hunky pleasure server to the Queen of Valhalla, is not thrilled to be on Earth. He doesn’t understand the culture, and he hates reporters who constantly try to get to places they’re not supposed to be. What he’d like is one woman to love, cherish and protect.

As a member of the Valhalla security staff on Earth, Thea Cooper can take care of herself. And she likes men, but past relationships have shown her to only participate in one-night stands.

Can Sven and Thea work out their differences and give in to the attraction they feel to each other?

Secured Mail is a welcome return to Planet Valhalla, where women are cherished and treated with love and great respect. Going back there was great fun for me, and I loved watching Thea learn about the planet, and its culture. She had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that many men pleasure one woman, as I did when I first read Planet Mail, the first Valhalla book.  But, like me, once she let go she enjoyed every minute of it.

Sven is a great hero, even if he was a bit pig-headed at times. I wanted to smack him and say, “snap out of it,” more than a few times. But he did in the end, and watching the two of them together made my heart sing. There are still several more pleasure servers that could use their own story, and take us back to Valhalla. If you enjoy uninhibited sex, you’ll like Secured Mail.


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