Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Love at Stake series, Book 6


Erotic Vampire/Paranormal

ISBN: (13) 978-0-06-166785-5

Reviewed by Sabella



Officer Lara Boucher has been through a lot in order to get where she is at this point in her life.  She began her life fulfilling her mother’s dreams of becoming a beauty queen, but when a tragic accident leaves her unable to distinguish reality from fantasy, Lara decides that she will do something meaningful with the rest of her life.  So, armed with new resolve and her new best friend, and former hospital roommate, Lara leaves for college and then onto New York City to dedicate her life to serving others.  However, when she comes to a hotel to bust a rowdy bachelor party, weird things begin to happen that have Lara beginning to doubt her sanity – especially as she seems to be the only one that can remember the incident at all.  But the more Lara looks into these odd happenings the deeper she is plunged into a world she doesn’t understand and scares her to even think it might be real.

Jack has spent his life avoiding his legacy as the son of the famous Casanova, yet that same fame makes him a favorite among everyone he meets.  However, this one bachelor party that he put together definitely leads to more trouble than he ever imagined – synthetic blood all over, hungover vampires leaving trails of blood everywhere and a nosy cop, Lara who is someone that he can’t control or erase her memories.  But the main problem that Lara represents is that Jack can’t stop thinking about her and she keeps showing up in the most inconvenient places.  But the closer he comes to Lara the more he comes to love her – but will she accept who he is?  Or will she be disgusted by his vampire nature?

Still, all this must be swept aside as they discover that there have been a string of abductions that seem to leave a supernatural trail behind them…will Lara and Jack solve the crime in time to save the abducted women?

Secret Life of a Vampire continues the Love at Stake series with the story of Jack and Lara.  Jack is a disillusioned man as he has never found a woman that could see the real him beyond the Casanova name or his vampire nature, but Lara changes all that for him – if Jack lets her.  Lara is intent in proving that she is more than a pretty face, but meting Jack might change Lara’s life forever.  Kerrelyn Sparks fills Secret Life of a Vampire with plenty of humor and sensuality, while keeping her characters dancing with anxiety and keeping readers glued to the pages just to see how Jack and Lara will get over themselves and finally come together.  Secret of a Vampire Life is a fun and entertaining book that is a summer chick-flick in book form – entertaining, goofy, emotional and of course, full of romance! 


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