Rivalís Desire by AlTonya Washington

Kimani Press

African American Contemporary

ISBN-10: 037386079X

ISBN-13: 978-0373860791

Reviewed by Indy



When two meddling grandmothers get together who knows what the final outcome will beÖ

Vivian Desmond and Caesar Morrison are celebrities in their own right, one a gifted and talented singer and the other a professional athlete with ties to the community. Having known each other since before they could walk, the two seem more apt to meet on the battlefield rather than a field filled with love.

When their grandmothers come to them and ask for their help with the family owned business, the two jump at the chance to help the women they both care about. Neither knew that working in close quarters would bring to light a deeper love than the heated rivalry that has been the highlight of their relationship for years.

A love that should be simple doesnít quite work out that way as Vivian holds dear to her heart a secret she fears will ruin any chance she has at happily ever after with the man who know holds her soul in the palm of his hand.

Nothing but fireworks are possible when two celebrities who know each other like the back of their hands are thrown together in an explosive situation. Rivalís Desire is a novel that had me wondering if Vivian and Caesar would ever stop fighting long enough to realize they were the perfect match. I will admit I tend to not like relationships where the bickering overwhelms the storyline and AlTonya Washington came this close to my breaking point before things moved in a direction I could really get into. After the fighting came to a close, I was able to see what the grandmothers of these two talented people saw. A couple who were matched not only by their common background and being one of the best in their respective fields but also how well they worked and played together.

Readers who enjoy contemporary romance will find Rivalís Desire has a lot to offer and though I tend to read racier novels one of the things I found refreshing is the authorís ability to weave a sensual tale with class. 


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