Reaction Time by Alannah Lynne

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-271-8

Reviewed by Jo



Nikki Kincaid is all about control in her private and personal life.  Professionally, Nikki is a racecar driver who is zeroing in on a championship.  However, her personal life seems to be stalled and now Nikki has collected a stalkerónot something she has time to deal with right now.  Her brother has put an even bigger pain in her way this weekend besides a hard race.

Adam Guthrie is a Dom and a detective who also happens to be a good friend to Nikkiís brother.  Adam has wanted Nikki since meeting her, but the timing hasnít been right.  He is positive that Nikki is a sexual submissive, if only she would give him a chance to show her it can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience when it's between the right people.

Adam has five days in which to protect Nikki, try and find out who is sending the letters and to show Nikki just what they could have together.  Nikki believes that there is just something wrong with anyone who would submit to games or allow someone to control them sexually.  However, as emotions get crazier, Nikki wonders if Adam just might be right and if he is the one person she can trust to give up control to.

Reaction Time is all about controlóhaving it and getting it.  Nikki has had to be the leader in her family, her race team and her love life.  Right now, only her race team is at the top of its game.  One out of three is not good odds.  Adam knows just what control is and the pleasure it can give, he just needs time to show Nikki.  The stalker is a perfect reason for time alone for Adam and Nikki. That is step one down.  Watching Adam work his way through Nikkiís shields and to her heart was something that kept me going.  When a Dom and his Sub come together it can and usually is erotic but if it doesnít grab at your heartstrings there is something missing.  Ms. Lynne had the combination that did both.  Reaction Time shows a Sub finding not only herself but also the Dom of her dreams.  An erotic and loved-filled story that will keep you warm on a winterís night.


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