Prince of Death by December Quinn

Whiskey Creek Press

Fantasy, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59374-850-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Elven warrior Ayani Suntwister is brutally beaten and left to die near the Hallenlands border, enemy territory.  She is rescued by the magnificent Prince Cynwrig.  Their attraction is instantaneous and explosive.

Cynwrig is captivated by this stunning, green-eyed temptress who is his match both in and outside the bedroom.  He knows that because she is Cliothen, his enemy.  Ayani is most likely a spy and he can never trust her.

Yet as they continue to grow closer, does the man known as Prince of Death have the strength to resist a woman he might someday have to execute? 

December Quinn is lethal with a pen, and isn’t afraid to flaunt her deadly writing skills.  Prince of Death is richly lush and bursting with intrigue and action, sizzling sex and snappy comebacks.  If I was forced to complain about anything, it would be that sometimes the elves seemed a bit too human, yet not overwhelmingly so.  All in all, Ayani and Cynwrig are formidable in their skills and cunning, which made me respect and like them.  The author does an amazing job with their psychological development and how they deal with the challenging changes they face. I also liked the fact that the names and mythological influences were Welsh. 

The plot moves ahead with a quick pace then pauses for those extensively blazing and racy scenes featuring Ayani and Cynwrig as they make up for lost time!  I’m surprised the ink didn’t run and smear on every page from all the heat. This pair had a difficult time keeping their hands off one another, and the author doesn’t disappoint her audience!  The descriptions are as explicitly lavish as they are well-written.  There’s also a cast of complimentary supporting characters, like Cynwrig’s sister, Lleandda, whose personal back story captured my interest. I hope there will be a sequel featuring her story.   Overall, this is a wonderful (and highly erotic!) fantasy romance story with a truly gorgeous cover to do it justice.


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