Primal Male by Sasha White


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 9780758228611

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Drake Wheeler is an empath used to hearing the thoughts of others.  When his friendís sister-in-law needs help in learning how to deal with her magical abilities, Drake doesnít hesitate to offer his services.  He has a method to his madness because traveling to Chadwick will kill three birds with one stone.  Drake will be able to get the information his friendís sister-in-law needs, he will get the clues he needs on shape shifters, and most importantly, he will get some peace and quiet from the rumblings that are constantly in his head.  Meeting Melissa Montrose however, rocks his world because she is the person he has ever met that he has been unable to hear thoughts from.  He knows she has the information he is looking for but she also has so much more.  She has the other half of his heart and he will do anything to keep her and claim her for his very own.

Could Sasha White have written a better story? I donít think so.  Primal Male takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride.  When I thought the energy could not get any more intense, Ms. White ups it a notch until I was on pins and needles.  Then there were the love scenes.  Those made me shiver in delight at the plethora of scorching and explicitly naughty things that were happening.  Drake and Melissa were perfect for each other.  Their love sizzled, scorched, and ultimately sucked me in to their lives and I couldnít have asked for more!


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