Possession by Mardi Ballou


Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-599998-547-0

Reviewed by Chris



Nicholas is an author who has sought out the English moors in the hope they’d inspire his writings. Instead of finding them lovely, though, they depress him. The only thing keeping him from returning to London is his love for Anna, a local weaver who helps him find the beauty in the land.

Anna’s father has plans for her and they don’t involve marrying an outsider. When he insists she get engaged to Frank, a beastly man ten years her senior, Anna and Nicholas concoct a plan to “de-virgin” her and thus spoil her for her intended. After a night of loving, Anna sneaks home only to find out the next morning that Nicholas’ cottage burned during the night.

With no one to defend her honor, will Anna be forced to marry the despicable Frank, or will Anna and Nicholas’ love somehow manage to transcend the boundary between the known and unknown?

Caution: This story shouldn’t be read if you’re in a vulnerable mood. Lyrical and reminiscent of an Old World lament, Possession yanks its reader through some of the most passionate and troubling times a person can experience: first love, murder, death of a beloved, rape, betrayal, wild exhilaration, exorcism, and more death. If you’re looking for a gentle romance, you’ll want to steer clear, but if you seek something that’ll haunt you for a long time after you’ve read it, this is the tale for you. Mardi Ballou’s written a unique, poetic tragedy that transcends the ordinary and gives you a glimpse into the Otherworld.


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