Plutoís Offering by Selena Illyria

Loveís Immortal Pantheon Series

Tease Publishing

Fantasy, Time-Travel, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60767-014-8
Reviewed by Patrice F.



Irianaís day starts off on the wrong foot and stays there.  The icing on the cake is when she wakes up in the future and is accused of being a witch by crazy cultists.  This makes her the perfect sacrificial offering to Pluto, the Roman God of the Dead.  Pluto is the perfect host.  Heís courteous and hot enough to melt titanium; it doesnít hurt that heís into her, too.  Still, Irianaís not sure if she can give up her past life by taking a chance on a god.  After all, didnít all the old legends state that mortal/immortal relationships always end in tragedy and heartache?

Is it possible for a story to have such a loud sexy vibration it echoes off the pages?     Maybe not.  I can account for Plutoís Offering which is off the Richter scale in terms of pulse-pounding, turn-the-walls-to-molten- lava sticky goodness.   Iriana is fun, larger than life, a vibrant contrast to the intense, serious Pluto.  Sheís feisty, totally at ease about saying and doing whatever she likes.  Heís much in need of a hearty laugh to warm his soul and thatís one of the gifts Iriana provides. 

Yes, thereís sheet ripping sex yet underneath it all, tenderness shines through.  What was my only complaint?  Aside from a modest display of his powers, in some ways Pluto seemed almost a bit too human.  Iíll be the first to admit I would have enjoyed it even more if heíd had more Byronic tendencies, but it was a nice change from the paranormal Alpha males Iíve been reading about lately.  Heís assertive and loving; it works.  What woman doesnít want to be pampered by such scrumptious hunk?

Plutoís Offering is part of a new series from Tease titled Loveís Immortal Pantheon thatís sure to please all the mythology lovers out there.  You wonít be able to resist diving into the authorsí ambrosia rich offerings.


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