Piercing the Veil by R.G Alexander

Book 2, Temptation Unveiled

Ellora's Cave


ISBN:  9781419917967

Reviewed by Jambrea



Hawk and Val are twins who were cursed by a goddess.   Linnea is on the run with her daughter trying to stay one step ahead of her ex.

Linneaís world is thrown for a loop when she learns of dragons and faeries.  Can her heart take one more secret or will she run from Hawk and Val when she learns their truth.

Prophecy led Hawk and Val to Linnea, their match, but they fear she cannot accept them as they are.  Will this threesome have a chance or will magic get in the way?

Piercing the Veil is a stunning follow up to Lifting the Veil.  R.G. Alexander made me very happy when she revisited her world.  I loved getting a look back at Meru and Damon, but Hawk and Val stole the show.  Those two are so hot and I was upset when they were cursed because of some silly goddess.  Linnea is just what they need and she takes everything in stride.  Her daughter is so cute too!  I love how everything just comes together and I canít wait for more.  I enjoy when a sequel is just as good or better then the first story.  Ms. Alexander never disappoints.


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