Onyx Moon Rising by Taige Crenshaw

Liquid Silver Books

Fantasy Sci-Fi, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59578-370-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Tashana Rennix is a deadly and top ranking Nefer Agent and Guardian on the Nefer Investigation Force, so sheís used to handling supernatural, mortal and inter-dimensional concerns and crises.  Nothing could prepare her for the Onyx Moon, an artifact with a dark and bloody history thatís connected to the shadow dragons and other shifters.  Tashana despises dragons.  Sheís not prepared when she is forced to work with Sanjay Callens, an elite level dragon warrior, and what she feels for him. Not only is he a threat, but heís harboring secrets.  How like a dragon.

When the Onyx Moon chooses Tashana, she is forced to trust Sanjay and cannot resist her attraction to him.  Sanjay isnít too thrilled to spend time with a hard headed, lone wolf Nefer Agent; yet, he canít deny that heís equally attracted to her.

Sanjay and Tashana team up to track down the original thieves who have retained the scroll that will unlock the Onyx Moonís power.  Everything that Tashana believes in and values is at risk - her freedom, her heart, and possibly, her life.

Tashana is tough and lives for her job as a Nefer Agent until Sanjay slides into her life.  For someone so organized, he brings upheaval and chaos on so many levels that Tashana is challenged, and it turns out to be just what she needs. Theyíre perfect together, sexy and deadly without being abrasive and irritating.  When their passion is consummated, itís volcanic, and worth the tension filled delay preceding The Moment.

High speed chases, deadly fiends and vicious villains make Onyx Moon Rising a wild ride from start to finish.  The action head butts you, does a fierce sky dive and never stops.  Taige Crenshaw is visually adept in creating her scenes, making each fight and edgy showdown downright impressive.  The mixture of fantasy and mythology is brilliantly combined to forge an unusual and amazing plot. Throw in characters Tashana and Sanjay, and what I got was an awesome story to brighten my hour.  


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